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Philadelphia, PA, 19107
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Ali Doucette

This weeks #typetuesday featured
a Milk and Honey quote by Rupi Kaur  /  Photography & lettering done myself

Color Inspiration

Ali Doucette

The leaves are barely beginning to fall in this consistent 90 degree heat, but I can't help but already be inspired by these beautiful colors.

Wissahickon Valley Trail in mid-August.

Sneak Peek : A trip to the preserve

Ali Doucette

A snippet from my trip to Seattle, WA

Ali Doucette

Lake Serene was definitely worth a 7.5 hour, 13 mile hike (including picnic). Some shots of Bridal Falls here too.

Banana Pancakes

Ali Doucette

Key to a perfect breakfast.... champagne! 

This past weekend, Scott and I decided to treat ourselves to the most delicious breakfast. These scratch made pancakes, covered in legit, from the tree, maple syrup with a mountain of banana slices are not to be topped. Pair that with some crunchy bacon and a, maybe not so proportional, mimosa and you're all set! I highly recommend making yourself to a sit down, cereal beating, breakfast every once and awhile. You certainly won't regret the taste, the time, or the relaxation.

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Double-Chocolate Strawberry Pancakes
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