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Wood Prints

Ali Doucette

So easy but so fun. For fathers day and a past birthday I tried turning some photos into wood prints. It always seemed like it'd be an interesting thing to try but I thought it would be super hard or really expensive. WRONG. With a little elbow grease and some craft items most of you might already have... boom wood print finished. 





There's millions of tutorial videos on youtube for different techniques so I say give it a try! I just printed my image (REVERSED) on some Canson paper ... only because I needed it to be huge and that's the only paper I had, though I think the thinner the paper the better normally. Then painted some gel medium on the wood and laid the paper ink side down on the gelled wood, smoothed it out. Then let it dry overnight and in the morning run it under warm water while rubbing the paper away and there you have it, super easy wood prints!